I’m proud to say my daughters are seventh generation and I am loyal to the Upper Hunter, but I am fed-up with the way people are treated by this Council.

While we have watched our towns and villages run into the ground, Council has focused on vanity projects like the Scone airport. Over the past five years reporting on ridiculous mismanagement from purchasing a $15,000 blue string horse to the disaster that is the Merriwa Willow Tree Road, I hoped for an administrator, but that hasn’t happened, so it’s time to clean up Council ourselves!

To put a broom through the place and hold Council to account, I will need help. We will need a majority of like-minded people on Council, so don’t just vote for me if you want change, also vote for: Trish Taylor, Tayah Clout, Sue Abbott, Lee Watts and Belinda McKenzie. If we get a majority onto Council, we will clean it up.

How to Vote to clean up Council:

For your vote to be valid, you need to vote for a minimum of 5 candidates and we are recommending you vote for 6. 

To get this Shire back on track and hold Council to account, we need a majority of like-minded people. Please vote for all of these people so that we can get to work and clean things up: