Next ridiculous spend planned in Scone

The land purchased by Council to build the overpass.

People across the Shire have loudly voiced their frustrations at the huge spends in Scone, while other areas are neglected and even the overwhelming majority of Scone residents haven’t supported the over-capitalisation of major projects in Scone.

But if you think Council couldn’t possibly have any more grand schemes to overspend on things people don’t actually want in Scone, think again.

Council has purchased land in the new industrial estate to link it to the old industrial estate and build a multi-million dollar overpass for trucks on a Tuesday! I wish I was kidding.

The land purchased by Council to build the overpass.

Council’s argument is they don’t want smelly cattle trucks heading to the saleyards on a Tuesday and ruining the atmosphere of the main street.

I tried to point out on a map, to the then general manager and now former Mayor that there were already two rail crossings in the area, which were old travelling stock routes.

I questioned why we could not simply improve the safety of those level crossings with lights and boom gates for the trucks to pass from the new to old industrial estate, instead of spending millions on an overpass for trucks going to the saleyards on a Tuesday? I thought that would solve the problem and at a dramatically reduced cost.

But I was told they considered my solution that unviable for two reasons:

1: They claimed there would be so many trucks on a Tuesday going to the saleyards, that if a train came through, and the (apparently) huge onslaught of truck traffic had to stop at boom gates, they would bank up and block the highway.

2: They claimed the rail crossings didn’t actually exist anymore, even though I could see them plainly on the map and had driven out to see them in person. I questioned if they didn’t exist why had they recently been opened as an emergency crossing when a train had broken down? They claimed that while they could be used in an emergency, they were not technically there. I begged to differ, I mean how can they exist in an emergency but not otherwise exist?

I understand the government strategy to close or improve the safety of level crossings across the country. But since there could be lights and boom gates installed (at a far cheaper price than an overpass) then the safety issue was addressed. I also argued that if we improved the safety of one, we could officially close the other one, hence reducing the number of rail crossings.

The GM and Mayor remained unconvinced and maintained their zeal for a multi-million dollar overpass for trucks on a Tuesday in Scone.

So if you think Council could not possibly waste any more money on over-capitalised projects for Scone, think again.

If I am on Council with a majority of like-minded people I will NOT be voting for such a ridiculous solution for trucks on a Tuesday and I will be pushing for simply installing lights and boom gates on one of the existing crossings.

Remember, the current Council purchased this land because they remain committed to this project, notably Lee Watts and Sue Abbott do NOT support the plan.

Think carefully when you vote, because your vote will determine if that project goes ahead.

Here is who I recommend you vote for:


  1. I’m with you ridiculous waste of money
    Also the refurbishment of Kelly street is laughable
    They are decreasing parking when they should be increasing it
    I’ve spoken to many residents about this
    And all agreed 0427667952

  2. First you need to remember mayor collision might have a dirty old cattle truck but what happens with all the stock trucks that come to the sale yards or abattoir from east of scone ,also the idea of an overpass at Elizabeth park is not of the drawing board yet and yes coal trucks, maybe in 10 years the volume will halve because of global warming and less need for coal love a crystal ball

  3. How stupid can a person get? With what Liz pointed out. Or is there another motive behind it? I would be more than interested to hear their reasons for it. In the mean time why would you not bring the existing crossing up to safe standard.
    Glad there is an upcoming election and maybe time to evaluate the performance of the current GM.

  4. Ruining the atmosphere, what atmosphere? The main street is absolutely atrocious, not inviting at all, ridiculous concrete blocks taking up parking spaces, I am elderly and am not able to walk very far, it’s like winning the lottery if I find a space near the shop I need to go to.

  5. You are on the money Liz and the rest of the team, it’s time some positive changes are made to give the upper hunter shire credibility which will in turn give confidence to the people in the region .. it will be fabulous to see your team in the new line up of councillors !!

  6. Too much money is wasted in scone ,the airport, the horse pavilion ,the main Street and now this.In Aberdeen we have been trying to get a pedestrian crossing across the highway to make it safe for children to cross,toilets in jockey park and what happened to the swimming pool .The cost of all this would probably be the same as half an approach to this stupid idea.Had my beef,it won’t affect much but that is that

  7. I’m looking forward to the first new council meeting, of the new councilers. I hope I’m allowed to be in the public seats. I think there should be some sparks then and soon after.

  8. The bypass is excellent: not only is Kelly St quiet and available for customers, but it allows all trucks to reach the Saleyards by the obvious and shortest route, direct from the New England Highway across the train line at Makybe Diva area. That’s where the train-line has a long, safe straight for clear visibility. There is also plenty of space for the proposed Truck stop and servicing area there, between highway and railway. Certainly there’s plenty of room for trucks to wait for crossing lights. No problem. Obvious, cheap solution.
    Even better, an extended road connection past Primo to the north-south bounding road, completes a ring-road around town for emergency and industrial use.
    That ring-road encircles the main town, making obvious the fact that the Kelly St rail crossing is located at the very centre of our town; at the one and only real visitor Park Scone has, and the hub of the town’s future growth.
    Before this was realised by previous Councils, and until the Bypass was granted us, there had been only one notion being pushed: a blind drive to bring trucks into the centre of town, spoiling the famous Elizabeth Park, its heritage zone, and the town centre, on their way out again to the periphery! Yes, really. People actually swallowed this. There was bullying involved then, I hope not still.
    The arrival of the Bypass proposal finally allowed previous Councils to realise that the Makybe Diva existing level crossing zone is the correct, cheapest and safest place for trucks to cross to and from the Saleyards; to the practical relief of centre-town. That was then agreed and established. The only thing left was for Council to place a simple lights-crossing on that existing level crossing, to take the stock trucks, preventing them from supposedly ‘needing’ to drag through town. The northern crossing being on the straight rail section, it is much safer than a steep bridge anyway, for a heavily loaded truck. A bridge is useless, beside the point, waste of long ramp space, total negative.
    So, any continued push to destroy centre-town for no reason is now exposed as expensive, destructive nuisance value. Perhaps the present Council and certainly the future Council, need to catch up with this established progress.
    The facts are in the history, the maps, the consultation. A wrongly bought site can be sold or reconsidered.
    A quick comparison with other towns’ Parks provisions shows that Scone needs to add to its remaining centre Parklands; to join them up, not destroy the only beautiful area we have left. We are already the bottom of that tourist-attraction pile. It is a mistake to reverse Scone’s progress and potential. It is entirely backward to still pollute the central area with trucks, when instead the town can grow cleanly within that ring-road. It is shooting the town permanently in the feet, to wipe out the heritage Park zone near Pool, recreation, walking and riding crossings, just to accommodate an entirely needless high ugly urban structure. Vale Scone? No.. I have the files and I welcome anyone who wishes to examine the history.

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