What’s happening at Elizabeth Park…

SEVERAL people have wondered what is going on at Elizabeth Park, with huge sections of the lawn appearing to have been poisoned (See pics below).

The general manager of Council, Greg McDonald has advised sections of the grass have been poisoned by Council staff so that they can remove some of the hard worn sections and then reseed. Mr McDonald has said it is being undertaken now because rain is expected next week and during summer is the ideal time for the grass to take.

Residents have raised with me that while they understand work needs to be done in the Park, better timing should be considered due to many visitors driving through for Christmas and stopping in the Park for a break and that spring would be a better time for this type of work, as during summer we often have heat waves and 40 degree days which could kill newly planted grass. I tend to agree with residents and have raised those points to the general manger to consider when work is next considered.


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  1. Both bbqs are rooted and recently cleaned by me for my sons birthday last Saturday I was quite dissapointed to find them both not working one missing a button and one just won’t heat up

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