Murrurundi residents “bin” first waste location

TONIGHT there was a meeting in Murrurundi to hear community thoughts on the proposed waste transfer station relocation.

And residents definitely made it completely clear the site proposed for the relocation, on the Old Showground, was a no-go zone. Placards and protests were mentioned, so it was clear the “no” was a hard “no”.

There was another piece of Council owned land proposed near the current sewerage treatment on the New England Highway, but as one resident raised, “would you put a waste transfer station on the spare block beside McDonald’s in Scone?” And the community again answered “no”. Residents didn’t want it at the entrance to their town.

So, it was clear what Murrurundi residents didn’t want, but it was also clear what they did want.

It was questioned if a waste transfer station was even needed in Murrurundi, but some residents explained for people who live outside of town and don’t have rubbish pick-ups they rely on taking their rubbish to the transfer station – so the transfer station remained on the table.

Residents asked if Council could come back to them with a map of land owned by Council so they could assess where would be a suitable location and if Council would be prepared to buy land out of town for the station? And the answer to both suggestions was “yes”.

There was also discussion about the design of the transfer station and if innovations for the community could be considered such as the needs of gardeners green waste and composting. The people of Murrurundi are definitely a creative and innovative bunch, so I’m sure any innovations would be embraced and perhaps an innovative community approach to the project might even attract state or federal grant funding.

I completely understand why so many community members were concerned and angered by only one option, but I was heartened to see so many smart, innovative residents who are passionate about Murrurundi and want to work towards a solution.

Council has made the commitment to go back to Murrurundi in one month, with more location options, innovation ideas for the waste transfer and continue to work with the community.



  1. Good to see the people of Murrurundi standing up for their towns future and the well being of the community. A strong community awareness and a positive approach to a constructive outcome will also give UHSC notice that the town and its residence will not be bullied into adverse quick fix decisions.

  2. Thanks for the info Elizabeth. I was unable to attend the meeting but sounds like council has listened
    Thanks to all the concerned residents who made the effort to get there

  3. Awesome the people of Murrurundi came out and stood up for their award winning town that they as a community look after and are very proud of.
    Council has to STOP playing the bully and treating the Upper Hunter communities with contempt, and not tell them what is happening but consult with them and ACTIVELY LISTEN TO the people.

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